1938: Taxes are going to be raised in the Corporate Area. Indications are that a rise in property tax is inevitable in view of the present state of the corporation’s finances. The municipal council has been meeting disappointment after disappointment in financial matters and it has now reached a stage where a moderate rise must be made.

1940: If premises known as Hanover House, by the junction of North and Hanover streets, are acquired by the Government, the building will accommodate a section of the Lands Department. J.A. Speak is the principal officer of the branch.

1954: The Jamaican Government is at present advertising in England for suitable candidates to fill vacancies for assistant superintendents in the police force. According to an advertisement in the London Times of August 8, preference will be given to single candidates who have previous police experience, are between 20 and 30 years of age, and possess a school certificate of education, Scottish school-leaving certificate or equivalent qualification.

1965: The Joint Industrial Council of Banana, Wharf and Shipping labour agrees on rates for handling boxed fruit. The rates range from £143/8 for stevedoring 1,000 large boxes (46lb) to 11/2 for lightering 100 small boxes (23lb).

1967: The National Workers’ Union dismisses its general secretary, Ken Sterling, from the post he has held since 1965. It is stated by the president of the union, T. Kelly, that Sterling’s service was terminated because “he has been inattentive to executive decisions and directives”.

1970: A standing National Road Safety Committee is established under the aegis of the Ministry of Communication and Works to consider “the alarming and rising rate of traffic accidents” and to suggest means of dealing effectively with the problem.

1972: The Defence Board announces the appointment of Major R.K. Barnes to be commanding officer of the first Battalion of the Jamaican regiment. Major Barnes will assume command on September 30.

1987: Prime Minister Edward Seaga breaks ground for the construction of a new five-storey Central Public Health Laboratory at 2 Slipe Pen Road in Kingston. The new laboratory will replace the old one which is presently located at North Street, and is being built at a cost of $17.15 million and should be completed in 18 months.

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