1937: The Trinidad Sunday Guardian of August 22 says ‘A West Indian telephone company linking up the various islands of the British West Indies is a project regarding which government sanctions have recently been sought. Proposals for the early establishment of this company, which will be soon made to the various West Indian governments concerned, are dependent on the local governments’ answer.

1943: In the West Indian radio newspaper broadcast over station WRUL it was stated that thousands of West Indians in America gathered in New York to pay tribute to the army of 10,000 Jamaican farm workers who were in various states of America helping in the production of food for the United Nations.

1950: On the motion of Minister of Finance and General Purposes Sir Harold Allan, the House of Representatives approves a proposal that appropriate annual provision should be made in the Colony’s Estimates to enable permanent whole-time employees of Jamaica Social Welfare Commission to participate in the provident fund created by the Provident Fund Law of 1947.

1954: A shipment of yellow-fever vaccine was flown to Jamaica in a BOAC Stratocruiser from London for the local medical authorities. Consigned to the director, medical services, the vaccine will be used for inoculation against yellow fever.

1955: Dr Mario Esquivel, minister for foreign affairs in the Costa Rican government, praises the excellent work being done by Jamaicans in Costa Rica, particularly those engaged in the banana, sugar cane and cattle industry.

1968: The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association proposes to call a mass meeting of all public associations and civic bodies in Jamaica in an effort to form a united front in the face of the country’s present critical condition. This was the principal position taken at the social general meeting of the JMA, held in its boardroom at Duke Street.

1981: Maintenance workers at the Old Harbour and Hunt’s Bay plants of the Jamaica Public Service Company went on strike to protest the withholding of a union delegate’s salary by the company. The company said that the union has failed to carry out certain duties assigned to him by the plant engineer, resulting in his salary being withheld.

1981: Water Commission dispute settled as the Union of Technical Administrative and Supervisory Personnel and the Government reached an agreement in the anomaly dispute that led to a strike of supervisors and engineers at the National Water Commission.

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