1925: The directors of Jamaica Telephone Co Ltd at their directors’ meeting awarded the contract covering a service switchboard and 1,500 telephones to the Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company of Chicago, Illinois. This decision was made after carefully investigating all types of telephone equipment on the market.

1955: Strong criticism of the manner in which the minister of trade and industry has promulgated new controls on the lumber trade is voiced by members of the trade at a meeting in the city.

1955: Thomas W. Burdon, fisheries adviser, leaves the island for Rome, Italy, to discuss with officials of the Food and Agriculture Organisation his report on the development of fishery in Curaçao.

1963: Three hundred and twenty Jamaican residents in Britain returned to the island on the return voyage of the T/V Ascania to Britain. The majority of them have been away for over five years and plan to spend about three months in Jamaica.

1965: A Banana Board spokesman claimed that with shipment to the end of August virtually at the 10.5 million stem mark, the originally set export estimate of 16 million stems for this year is bound to be achieved if hurricane or storm winds do not strike between the present time and December 31.

1966: The apartheid policies pursued by South Africa are cited by the acting head of the Government, Robert Lightbourne, and the leader of the Opposition, Norman Manley, as leading directly to the manner in which Hendrik Verwoerd, the South African prime minister, met his death in Capetown.

1972: Community relations officers are playing an important role in many areas of present-day Britain, and four Jamaican journalists who are currently visiting that country have met an officer who works in a part of London where many West Indians live.

1984: The PNP has called on health minister Kenneth Baugh to resign his portfolio in light of what the PNP called the serious deterioration taking place in the country’s health services.

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