1931: The Gleaner British Honduras Hurricane Relief Fund has passed the £1,900 mark and it is hoped it will reach £2,000. The Gleaner remitted to Belize through the Honourable Colonial Secretary, the sum of £300, being a further installment from the amount collected for the British Honduras Hurricane Relief Fund.

1949: Executive officers of Jamaica Utilities Ltd work at high pressure finalising arrangements to throw the full complement of the company’s rolling stock on the roads in a bid to provide the Corporate Area with a coordinated and efficient transport service, as the exclusive franchise, granted by the Government comes into operation.

1964: The first attempt to sell National Savings bonds to Jamaicans in England is a roaring success and there is a good chance that the £50,000 worth of bonds offered in Britain will all be taken up. Samuels Henriques, chairman of the National Savings Committee, and Keith Sullivan, national savings officer, flew home from London delighted with their trip.

1970: Staff nurses at the University Hospital went on a go-slow, dealing only with emergencies. They are saying the move is in support of their colleagues at the government hospitals in their demand for transportation at night.

1970: Minister of Local Government Leopold Lynch, announces that 14,191 persons, classified as “outdoor paupers,” who were receiving annual allowances of $576, 395 prior to July 1970, will now get a yearly assistance of $1,478,311 at $2 per week.

1977: The oil organisation announces that Jamaica is among 12 developing countries which will sign loan agreements with OPEC totalling US$50.9 million.

1979: Dudley Thompson is now the chairman of the People’s National Party in a close battle for the post. Thompson defeated the incumbent Howard Cooke by six votes at a meeting of the National Executive at the Mallards Beach Hyatt Hotel, Ocho Rios.

1988: Air Jamaica Ltd has been granted leave to the full court for an order of certiorari to squash a decision of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal which prohibited Air Jamaica from getting certain particulars from the Jamaica Airline Pilots’ Association relating to the dismissal of a pilot.

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