1956: The first president of the Caribbean Federal Socialist Party is the Hon Norman W Manley, QC, chief minister of Jamaica. The announcement is made at the party’s inaugural meeting, which has just ended.

1963: Education Minister Edwin Allen announces in an interview that there would be 14,000 new primary school places provided this financial year, and that in January, every child in the Corporate Area who needs accommodation will be provided for.

1963: Dynamite may be brought in to blast a coral reef which stands as a barrier against the Kaiser Bauxite Company’s £10,500,000 plan to make Discovery Bay into a modern bauxite port. But first, the company will try to break through the reef – which lies 14 feet below the surface.

1968: The Executive of the People’s National Party issues a statement in which it announces, “The Executive of the People’s National Party wishes to state here and now, for the sake of the very few Jamaicans who still have some confidence in what the prime minster says, that the People’s National Party has never been, is not now and never will be a communist party.”

1973: Jamaica’s prime minister, Michael Manley, meets the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Eric Williams, and has what is described by Manley as “wide- ranging discussions on economic development strategies in the Caribbean”.

1978: The Gleaner comes under strong attack from Deputy Prime Minister P.J. Patterson during an address at the annual conference of the North West St James constituency of the PNP at Montego Bay High School. Mr Howard Cooke is the MP.

1984: Sir Neville Ashenheim, who died in New York, is to be given an official funeral. The prime minister, Edward Seaga, who issues a statement paying tribute to the late legislator and diplomat, announces this.

1987: Neville Lewis, minister of local government, defends the new Fire Brigade Act, which has evoked a storm of criticism primarily because it bars firemen from union membership.

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