1956: A total of 475 individual farm-development plans estimated to cost £118, 424 altogether, is now approved for action by the various government agencies in charge of the Farm Development Scheme.

1958: A private merchant bank with a minimum capital of $480,000, which will be a branch of the Jamaica Banking Corporation, is to be set up in Port-of-Spain shortly. A new insurance company is also to be established.

1958: An appeal for funds towards a headquarters building for the People’s National Party is made at the 20th annual conference of the party held at Ward Theatre. The appeal is launched by the Mayor Iris King, who contributed £100 to start the drive. When she had finished her appeal, £1,550 was collected or promised.

1962: The setting up of a milk marketing board, as recommended by the Dairy Committee of the Jamaica Livestock Association, is condemned as “not the answer to the problem of milk production and distribution” and that “milk producers will be putting their heads in a noose by doing it”.

1965: Developing countries attending the International Sugar Conference now being held in Geneva, Switzerland, have expressed strong support for the proposal which Robert Lightbourne, the Jamaican minister of trade and industry, put forward at the plenary session.

1975: The Jamaica Men’s Hockey Association team moves up 2-1 in their fourth match against the visiting Air India hockey team when they defeat them four goals to none at Sabina Park.

1977: Prime Minister Michael Manley held the first of six regional seminars of the People’s National Party, in keeping with his recently announced decision to take personal charge of mobilising the party and nation for production.

1979: The Opposition Jamaica Labour Party has decided to sever all relationship with the Cuban Embassy in Jamaica, while Ulises Estrada remains Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica and Cuba continues to “interfere in the domestic political affairs of this country”.

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