1949: A crowd – estimated to be at least 2,000 persons – marched from the government school to the Baptist Church where the Rev R.A. Adams conducted divine service. It was the People’s National Party ‘Invasion Day’ and present were N.W. Manley, party leader, and Ivan Lloyd. Refreshments and party discussions were followed by a political meeting at which the speakers concentrated on the shortcomings of the Bustamante administration.

1962: Hugh Shearer refuted claims that ‘fantastic increases’ have been granted to workers in the building industry by the Allen Award, and said that it is dishonest to state that the award has sent up building costs by 25 per cent.

1968: The Land Improvement Bill is passed, after the summer recess and short meeting held during which a bill imposing a tax on land in improvement areas – areas in which large-scale government expenditure serves to enhance the acre-value of lands – is passed through a third reading. The bill had previously passed the House of Representatives and now goes to the governor general for signing into law.

1972: Prime Minister Michael Manley signs the order bringing into force the agreement on social security between the Government of Jamaica and the government of the United Kingdom.

1984: Petrol tanker drivers are on strike, cutting supplies to service stations, because of a dispute with Petrojam Limited over canteen facilities. However, there is no serious run on service stations following the strike.

1985: Horace Barber, BA, OJ, CD, governor of the Bank of Jamaica, is appointed alternative executive director of the World Bank, representing the constituency of Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St Lucia, St Vincent, Barbados, Antigua-Barbuda and St Christopher – Nevis.

1985: Prime minister and minister of finance and planning, Edward Seaga, announces that the legislation is now in effect to curtail “screwdriver type” manufacturing operators by putting out of their reach the duty concessions which manufacturers currently enjoy on imported raw materials.

1989: A new business school to take over the void left by the closure of Duff’s Business College in Montego Bay, the Jamaica Institute of Business Career opens its doors to students. The school’s board of directors are Cynthia Munroe and Valda Ferguson, two former members of staff of the Montego Bay branch of Duff’s Business College.

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