1935: The judges of the children’s costume parade at the carnival held at the St Andrew High School for Girls have a difficult task, but finally give young Desmond Webster, dressed as a spider, and Marjorie Deleon, dressed as Mickey Mouse, the first prizes for best costumes for boys and girls. The second prizes are awarded to Roy DeSouza, dressed as a chimneysweeper, and Gill Ashenheim, dressed as Queen Elizabeth.

1940: Ruth Harris creates a sensation at Bournmouth Bath when competing for the 1940 Ladies’ Championship of the Amateur Swimming Association. She clinches the championship with three decisive wins and altogether gives a fine display. Of her three victories, the third – the 66 2/3 metres backstroke – is easily her finest perfor-mance, for not only is she able to present the force of her swimming, but she swims like a true champion, literally gliding away from her opponents.

1947: Leonie Samuels – intelligent, attractive stenographer – is crowned Miss Jamaica at Carib Theatre, gaining the judges’ decision by a wide margin. Samuels scores a total of 178 points out of a total of 200 (100 for intelligence, 100 for beauty, form and figure). Runners-up are Pat Scott and Yvonne Gordon.

1949: The panel of sportsmen, who will guide the destinies of the Jamaica Olympic Association during the next four years, is named at a meeting at Sabina Park. They are George Desnoes, president, and R.E. Taylor, Frank Laing, H.L. Lindo and Barry Grant, vice-presidents.

1957: Dr Ivan Lloyd resigns as the fourth vice-president of the People’s National Party. His resignation stems from his dissatisfaction at the arrangements made at the party’s conference at the Ward Theatre on September 14 for the selection of officers. Dr Lloyd says the election of officers used to be held on Saturday afternoons. At the last conference, the time was shifted to 11 a.m. on Saturday. The result was that many country delegates could not reach the conference on time to vote.

1962: Thousands of cheering Jamaicans welcome Prime Minister Sir Alexander back home from his historic trip to London, where he attended the Commonwealth Prime Ministers’ Conference. Sharing in the acclaim is Lady Bustamante, whom he wed a few hours before his departure from London, September 7.


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