1930: A gift of 100 is made to the Parochial Board of St. Ann by Mr.Harry Stephenson, the Acting chairman, towards the cost of installing an electric lighting plane in the town. 


1952: About £550 is approved by the Government for the asphalting of the Square at New Green, near Mandeville. The Public Works Department has receives instructions from Government that this work should be put in hand immediately. This information is given by Mr. L.C. Bloomfield, MHR for Southern Manchester.


1969: Edward Seaga, Minister of Finance and Planning who is Jamaica delegation leader to the Commonwealth Finance Ministers’ conference which opens in Barbados left by air with the thought that the private sector in developing countries is not playing as significant a role as they can.


1969: Roy McNeil, Minister of Home Affairs and Chairman of the Jamaica Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association announces that Jamaica as a member of the Commonwealth of nations will be sending three delegates to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference to be held in Trinidad.


1972: Mr. R.E. Morris which is the chairman of the Albany Co-operative Banana Boxing plant addresses the members Disclosure that banana grower’ leaders are exploring the idea of having the industry run by a single united body is made.


1989: A recently concluded survey of selected Caribbean markets reveals that good export opportunities exists for Jamaican apparel products. Caribbean apparel buyers not only expressed strong interest in Jamaican products but also order in more manageable quantities and at better prices than North American buyers.


1990: The Gleaner has learnt that the private sector cannot operate public passenger buses at this time for reward, so if the minibus system is to work, the Government will have to run the system itself. The bus system in the country is described as a “joke” and one of “chaos” because the existing fares that the operators are being ask to charge are far less than they can make to recover operating costs.


1992: The ruling People’s National Party is making overture to the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party for them to get together and save the peace agreement signed in 1988.


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