1945: Miami Florida plans to import 500 Jamaicans and prisoners of war and an unspecified number of skilled workers into the Homestead area to repair hurricane damage. Five hundred Jamaican workers will be brought from Camp Murphy if transportation can be arranged and will be housed at the farm labour camp at Goulds.

1952: E. A. Barham, vice-chairman of the All-Island Jamaica Cane Farmers’ Association, expresses dissatisfaction with the tardiness in the distribution of payments to cane farmers from the sugar rehabilitation fund. Barham states that the payments to be made to the farmers from that fund in respect of the 1951 sugar crop is not yet paid, although the sugar manufacturers have received payments for that year and are already being paid on the 1952 crop.

1958: In a cable report from Baltimore, Maryland, The Gleaner has learnt that 50 Jamaican seamen, on strike aboard the cruise ship s.s. Yarmonth in Washington, DC, protesting the rates of pay and conditions under which they work, have demanded to be sent home. The strike is being supported by the Seamen’s International Union who are taking care of the seamen in Baltimore.

1960: Thirty-four more scholarships for advanced study overseas are to be awarded by the Government of Jamaica. The grants will cover the cost of passages to and from the country of study, tuition, maintenance, outfit allowance and other expenses directly concern with the study.

1968: The first prize of $250 was awarded to Mr Chai-Onn, a final-year student in civil engineering for his thesis ‘Construction of foundations for Precipitator Vessels’. It describes the bauxite and alumina plant being built at Nain in St Elizabeth.

1978: The Ministry of Agriculture adds another region to its islandwide field structure, bringing the number of agricultural regions to four, in a move to bolster the five-year development plan for agriculture and ensure that agricultural production is not stymied.

1978: The first rural development project, which is being financed by a loan from the World Bank and the Government of Jamaica, is to improve rural incomes, expand agricultural production, promote economic and social development in rural areas and curb urban migration. This involves the western area of Jamaica.

1992: The Canadian government expects to spend CDN$75 million (J$1361.25 million) on the Commonwealth Caribbean and Haiti between April 1, 1992 and March 31, 1993 in the form of assistance, bilateral aid, and government-to-government agreements. In the meantime, the University of the West Indies is to receive CDN$10 million (J$181.5 million) by 1995 for a project now being undertaken jointly with the Canadian government.

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