1939: The Gleaner Company announces that the Gleaner War Fund will be discontinued, the Central Committee having nominated four official war funds – The General War Assistance Fund, The Red Cross Fund, The Jamaica Women’s League War Materials and Comforts Fund, and The Jamaica Reserve Regiment Fund. The Gleaner Fund is the first to be started, being inaugurated two days after the declaration of war by a generous donation of £105 from Messrs George and Branday.

1968: A fire, which at press time had done damage estimated at £50,000, is helping to establish Montego Bay’s Charles Square as a firewatcher’s paradise and a firefighter’s hell.

1972: A schoolboy from Jamaica is selected as a semi-finalist from among more than one million students from 17,000 schools in the United States (US) and 40 other countries in the National Merit Scholarship/Preliminary Scholarship Aptitude Test. The semi-finalists represent a fraction of one per cent of the total students, and they are offered scholarship opportunities at the university of their choice in the US.

1972: Prime Minister Michael Manley, in an address to the 16th Constitutional Convention of the United Steelworkers of America, now being held in Las Vegas in the United States, states that the sort of society he wants to establish in Jamaica is an egalitarian one. He says he wants to see a society in which there is a conscious drive to bring about equality of opportunity that guarantees mobility through ability rather than by vested interest.

1986: President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Mr Michael Manley, wants general elections to be called on the basis of whether Jamaica should accept the Government’s unannounced “contingency plan” or the PNP’s “alternative path” to economic and social development.

1987: The People’s National Party (PNP) is to hold a conference on tourism in Montego Bay, PNP President Mr Michael Manley tells the 49th annual conference of the party at the National Arena.

1989: The Council of Presidents of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica criticises recent pronouncements of Opposition Leader Edward Seaga on future prospects of the Jamaican dollar.

1992: Prime Minister P.J. Patterson announces that if Jamaica does not sever ties with the International Monetary Fund by 1995, the Government’s economic policy would have failed. 

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