1953: Mr Lawton C. Bloomfield, minister of communications and works, accompanied by Allan Douglas, minister of trade and industry, and Mr W.Y. Feurtado, director of public works, visits Cardiff Hall beach on a tour of St Ann and Trelawny. The minister gives a definite assurance that the deviation will not be made and that everything will be done to make the beach available to the public.

1957: A miracle in the midst of disaster is witnessed when a little girl of barely three years old is rescued alive from beneath a pile of dead bodies. She is the sole survivor from the coach in which she was travelling when the Montego Bay-Kingston train was derailed just outside Kendal station.

1963: Prime Minister Sir Alexander Bustamante tells a cheering crowd at May Pen Courthouse that law and order will be maintained in Jamaica if he has to sacrifice his own life to do it.

1966: There has been widespread talk in the Jamaica Labour Party over the past few weeks on who will succeed Sir Alexander Bustamante, and the appearances are that Hugh Shearer, minister without portfolio and leader of government business in the Senate, is now favoured for the post.

1966: A 20-man National Commission on Unemployment, to probe the causes of this social problem and make plans for its elimination “in the shortest possible time”, is announced by the Minister of Labour and National Insurance, Lynden Newland.

1972: Fourteen Jamaican paintings by 12 Jamaican painters will be exhibited at Carifesta, in Guyana by Mrs Edna Manley, who leaves the island by BWIA flight on Tuesday for Guyana. The paintings are of the best quality and are selected by Mrs Manley, assisted by Mr Bernard Lewis of the Institute of Jamaica.

1978: The Jamaica Daily News is published by a new wholly owned government company, The Jamaica Daily News Limited, under chairmanship of Mr Fred Wilmot. The former publisher of the paper, Communications Corporation of Jamaica, is being liquidated.

1980: A wreath-laying ceremony to mark the 11th anniversary of the death of National Hero Norman Manley is held at the National Heroes Park. Mrs Edna Manley, widow of the founder of the People’s National Party, places a basket of red rosebuds at the base of the monument built to honour the memory of the national hero. The prime minister also laid wreaths.

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