1941: Roy W. Fraser is successful in the Fellows Stage 1 of the Institute of Book Keepers Examination, which he sat in June.

1956: Hope Valentine defeats George Hepden easily to become the women’s singles badminton champion of the Liguanea Club for 1956. And Jeff Wykes defeats Sydney Martin and thus taking the men’s singles title. Valentine wins in straight sets 11-1, 11-5, while Martin won 8-15, 15-9, 15-1.

1962: Rex Nettleford and Eddie Thomas announce the formation of the National Dance Theatre Company. Both are former members of the Ivy Baxter Dance Troupe and are the founding members and co-directors of this, the first major dance group in Jamaica. Fifteen dancers have been selected to be founding members and will be required to attend three teaching classes each week in modern and folk techniques as well as ballet, which will be taught by Madam May Souhih and the Rowe sisters.


1962: The first local competitive match, played at the National Stadium, takes place between Excelsior College and St Jago High School in a Manning Cup fixture, which Excelsior win 1-0. it is the second match in the current Manning Cup season. The first was played at Sabina Park when defending champions Jamaica College defeated Wolmer’s 4-1.

1965: Andrew Norton, farmer of Old Hope, Westmoreland, promises Joan Murray of Dunn Cox and Orrett of Kingston, and daughter of Cecil and Lucile Murray of Frome Estate, to love, to honour and cherish her. The promise is made at the Westmoreland Parish Church, Savanna-la-Mar, before the Rev Neville DeSouza. Maid of
honour is Marsha McPherson. The best man is Harry Norton.

1967: Leonard ‘Lennie’ Williams, popular public comedian who specialises in miming at sporting events, amuses Resident Magistrate Rowan Campbell by feigning baby-like innocence when he appears in court on a charge of improper conduct. Sucking his thumb and hanging his head, he begs for a chance. “Okay I’ll give you a chance,” the magistrate offers, “How much do you think I should fine you?” “A beg you ease me up with 40 shillings,” the accused pleads. “So shall it be. Its 40 shillings or 10 days.” Lennie bops and hops out of court.


1999: Arlene Kiss, a member of the Portmore Junior Chamber, wins the Jaycee of the Year award when she takes the top prize at the Portmore Junior Chamber awards banquet held at the Twin City restaurant at Bay Side. She is also named Rover of the Year. Most Outstanding Officer of the Year goes to Othaniel Hall and Mureth Rhone wins Best Recruit of the Year.


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