1922: A large portion of the commercial area of Kingston is threatened once more with destruction by fire which occurred at No. 67 Luke Lane. Fortunately, there was no breeze and the prompt action of the Fire Brigade saved a large number of properties in the area.

1951: The Canadian victor is expected to arrive from Canada with a cargo of codfish from the Newfoundland Associated Fish Exporters Ltd as a hurricane relief gift.

1957: £425,000 is the amount by which the fourth installment of the Jamaica Government development loan is oversubscribed. The stock offered at 5 per cent was £800,000, the price of the issue being £98 per cent free of charges. Repayment date is 1977 with the Government holding option of redemption to redeem five years earlier on giving six-month notice. The response to this latest public investment opportunity exceeded by 50 per cent the amount required.

1978: The soccer coach would have rejected the KC-Meadowbrook Manning Cup second game at the National Stadium as a practical demonstration of even one of the finer points of the sport. Deservingly enough, this soccer farce was won by Meadowbrook 1-0 on a penalty awarded when KC linkman Herbert Burke illegally sought to establish ownership of the ball with his hands.

1978: The Jamaica Labour Party called on the Government to provide the Bustamante Hospital for Children with a standby generator to provide electricity during power outrages. A statement signed by senator Dr Ronald Irvine states that the lack of a generator at the Kingston hospital seriously jeopardises the lives of children particularly as many babies have to be nursed in respirators during critical periods and without the help of respirators may indeed die.

1990: Jamaicans will not be able to purchase foreign exchange from the commercial banks until September 17, when the new foreign exchange system comes into effect. The partial suspension of foreign exchange trading is announced by the central bank which states that the commercial banks would be allowed to purchase foreign exchange from any source. Bureaux de change will remain open for business in order to facilitate tourists wishing to change foreign currency, BOJ announces.

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