1941: The Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, G.H. Hall, MP, is an intransit passenger on the Pan American Airways Clipper, which leaves Miami for Barranquilla, passing through the local airport.

1948: Alexander Bustamante makes a declaration that a suitable Jamaican, “suitable of absorbing the training”, be sent to England to be qualified for the position of director of agriculture here, to avoid too frequent changes in holders of the office.

1952: The ultra-modern hospital of the University College of the West Indies is opened to the public. A man arrives 10 minutes before the opening to become the first and only patient to be admitted. Vincent Dixon, 19-year-old mason of Papine, fell off an ackee tree, and broke his neck. He was operated on by Dr B.C.W. Boyd, Dominica-born house officer of the hospital. His condition is considered to be serious.

1956: All three prize-winning entries in the Caribbean Federation Calypso Competition, run by the London magazine New Statesman and Nation, come from the West Indies. Its weekend competition is a popular feature of the magazine, and in this one, prizes were offered for a calypso in honour of the Federation.

1956: A young father, carrying his motherless, four-year-old daughter in his arms, reports for National Service at Blandford Camp, Dorset. The father, 25-year-old Dean Gayle of Cambridge Street near Victoria Station, was told to report to No.1 Training Battalion of REME, but had nobody with whom he could leave his daughter Grace. So, he took her along and they arrived in camp together with a lorryload of other recruits.

1960: George Kerr, the brilliant West Indies sprinter, smashes the men’s 800 metres Olympic record of 1min. 47.1 seconds and looks to have a great chance of a gold medal.

1966: Testifying before the committee inquiring into the terms and conditions of service of Government-employed nurses, Gertrude Swaby, senior sister tutor at the Kingston Public Hospital, recommends as a first priority the employment of auxiliary nurses in hospitals, and less dependence on student nurses for staffing wards. She said that auxiliary nurses could supplement the work of student nurses so that they would have more time for pursuing their nursing education under less strain.

1970: Under the auspices of the Partners for Progress, Buffalo/Niagara and Jamaica, 18-year-old Bryan Gordon leaves Montego Bay for a four-year course at Niagara University. He will be doing a BSc in ‘Transport, Travel and Tourism’.

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