1942: The Civil Aeronautics Board announces that 14 companies has offer to provide an immediate air service between the United States, the Canal Zone, the north coast of South America and the Caribbean islands.

1952: The National Workers Union is making a bid for representation in the sugar industry with a claim to representing workers on ten of the island’s twenty-two sugar estates. The ten estates claim by the union includes Worthy Park and Barnett on which the TUC gain majority bargaining rights in the estates and in the Sugar Manufacturers’ Association.

1953: Industrial Production in Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and British Guiana will be nearly doubled in the ten years, given stable political conditions and a suitable climate for investment.

1955: The British Government today announces creation of a Price Assistance Fund to cushion West Indian citrus-fruit growers when necessary against the effects of fluctuating prices.

1949: Jamaica Labour Party plans big Vere welcome to W.A. Bustamante. He will be in the company of His Worship, Mayor L.G. Newland and Kingston executives of the BITU and JLP.

1955: The Land Bonds Bill pass the Legislative Council after a short debate, without the opposition but with four minor amendments of a consequential nature arising out of the amendments made in the House of Representatives. There is no change in the principle of the Bill or its provisions.

1971: Jamaica today called the world to solve the trade crisis. Dr. Neville Gallimore chairman of the Jamaican delegation to the United Nations says that poor countries suffer the most from the crisis and also that “if a solution is not found soon, unemployment will grow and so will its recognized consequences.”

1992: Prime Minister Patterson in an address to Jamaicans in New York recently announced that the Government is to launch a National Savings Bond to which subscriptions can be made in foreign exchange.

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