1942: Banana growers receive good news when the governor announces that for six months banana growers will get 3d per count bunch more. They will get 3/3 a count bunch, less 3d for leaf-soot control expenses or a net price of 3/–.

1941: G.L.C. Smith, of Malvern, a well-known breeder of Arberdeen Angus cattle, visits Jamaica and purchases Astonia Charming Lad, a twelve-month-old pedigree dairy shorthorn bull out of the Astonia herd, the property of Arthur Hughes Hawarden. Smith intends to allow the bull to run with his Arberdeen Angus cows, thus imparting some of the dairy qualities of the shorthorn, and enabling future calves to have the benefit of a longer sucking period without jeopardising any of the beef qualities.

1980: The opposition labour party presents its manifesto for the forthcoming elections ‘Change without Chaos’, in which it has identified immediate areas of priority, and has set out term development programmes. The areas include restoration of employment and economic growth, restoration and expansion of public services, development of the youth and child, development of the rural environment, restoration of security, stability, human rights and confidence in the future of the nation, development of cultural heritage and a balanced foreign policy.

1963: Telephone communications affected in many areas. Out of the approximately 28,000 telephones in the Corporate Area, about 1,000 are out of order as a result of storms.

1975: There is a grim prospect for Caribbean sugar as only 45 per cent of commonwealth Caribbean sugar production for export is guaranteed outlet.

1975: Prime Minister Michael Manley warns that sacrifices are going to be made and that people will have to work harder.

1978: George Mignott of Jamaica is elected as the new president of the Caribbean Cane Farmers Association, succeeding Norman Girwar of Trinidad and Tobago who held the post for several years. The Caribbean farmers in their annual meeting elected Girwar as honorary president for life.

1987: A sum of under $127,000 is approved for expenditure in Manchester under the Inter-American Development Bank loan programme, in which some 40 4H Clubs are expected to participate.

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