1941: Mr G.H. Hall, parliamentary undersecretary for the colonies, reveals that Great Britain and the United States are likely to take joint measures to speed up economic and social development in all the islands of the Caribbean.

1953: Thirty specially trained point-duty policemen, under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent Charles Howell, are organised to form a new police squad to direct city traffic. These men underwent training by Howell, who has had considerable experience directing traffic in London.

1965: Senator Hugh Shearer, leader of Jamaica’s delegation to the 20th session of the United Nations general assembly made an appeal to Jamaican students studying abroad to return home on completion of their studies to help in the development of their native land.

1970: Minister of Finance and Planning Edward Seaga in an address at the reception to mark the bank’s 100th anniversary, advises that the Government Savings Bank is to be reconstituted as a statutory body and will operate along more commercial lines.

1973: Sugar supply allocations to the Commonwealth Caribbean under the united permanent quota system will go down from 220,000 short tons applicable, this year, to just 24,000 short tons next year, according to calculations made by the US Department of Agriculture.

1989: Dr Paul Robertson, minister of information and culture, says the Government is examining a structure to enable the news media to be assured of access and ready response to government information.

1992: The fleet of vehicles available to the police receives a boost today, when they receive 10 new buses and trucks presented by Minister of National Security and Justice K.D. Knight.

1992: The Government of Jamaica and India sign an agreement to establish and develop closer cultural relations and promote better understanding between the two countries. The agreement will address the areas of art, culture, education, sports, public health and mass media.

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