1939: St Catherine’s women mobilise into war service movement when Mrs. Michael deCordova, MBE, chairman of the executive committee of the Jamaica Women’s league, calls a representative gathering in Spanish Town’s historic and decorative town hall.


1953: The Ministry of Health and Housing is informed by the secretary of State for the colonies that the UK Treasury is agreeing to the release of $17,500 (about £6,434) for the purchase of ambulances in the United States.

1959: Jamaica indicates at the Trinidad Federal Conference that 31 out of 65 seats are accepted instead of 32 out of 65. Norman Manley broadcasts to Jamaica the reasons for this: “We do not think we need to insist on the very last ounce,” he declares, “so long as the principle (of representation according to population) will be fairly applied.”

1966: The minister of communication and works, Cleve Lewis, states that the recent reorganisation of the postal services has now resulted in first-class postal service throughout Jamaica.

1966: The state of emergency declared in Western Kingston and parts of South Western St Andrew continues as the police and military concentrated on the same specially cordoned-off area surrounding the JLP’s and PNP’s west Kingston headquarters, at Wellington and Regent Streets.

1982: The 25-megawatt power barge which is to supplement power supplied by the Jamaica Public Service Company is made available free of charge to the Government of Jamaica by the US Corps of Engineers.

1982: Prime Minister Edward Seaga announces that the Government is establishing a major entertainment and recreational complex in Montego Bay. It is to be called the Bob Marley Memorial Performing Centre, and will be located at Montego Freeport.

1983: Small Businesses Association president Adolph Brown calls on the Government to establish a body to remove the stumbling blocks which are stifling the growth of the sector.

1987: P.J. Patterson celebrates 30 years of political life as the chairman of the People’s National Party at a dinner organised by friends of South East Westmoreland. Tribute is paid to his political life which began in 1957 when he was a student representative to the coordinating Bureau of International Students conference.

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