1957: It is announced that Her Majesty the Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment of Sir Kenneth Blackburne, formerly governor and commander-in-chief of the Leeward Islands, to be captain general and governor-in-chief of Jamaica.


1960: “This Rastafarian movement has grown and it has grown to proportions that are rather serious, very serious indeed,” states Mr. Justice Duffus in handing down the sentence on the Rev Claudius Henry, head of the African Reform Church, and 14 of his followers charges with treason felony.


1961: The minister of agriculture, Hon Keble Munn, is moving to acquire lands known as Tivoli (or Kingston Pen) in western Kingston for improvement of the area, and to issue land bonds to the owners in payment. The area is at present largely occupied by squatters.


1967: Corporate Area street cleaners are scheduled to resume work this morning, ending a four-day work stoppage, which has left a mass of uncollected garbage. The work orders are issued by the union leaders at a workers’ meeting.


1980: Immediately following the realization that has won the general elections, the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, Edward Seaga, calls his pastor, the Reverend Herman Spence, rector of the St Andrew Parish Church in Half-Way Tree, and asks for his prayers. Spence visits Seaga at his home and prays with his family and household.

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