1920: The presentation match in connection with the Jamaica Cricket Cup competition came off successfully at Clovelly Park before a large concourse of lovers of cricket. Present are His Excellency Governor Sir Leslie Probyn and Lady Probyn.


1940: Thanks to a splendid gift of £500 from James Henderson, the Jamaica Bombing Planes Fund has moved into the line for the ninth plane. Mr Henderson, like his brother, is always a most generous giver to every deserving cause, and he can be assured of the thanks of the people for his latest gift to this most pressing of all the empire’s causes at present.

1951: Goeffrey Walters urges large-scale development of the local rice industry and bigger development for the citrus, cocoa and coffee at the monthly meeting of the board of management of the Jamaica Agricultural Society.

1951: Central Government approves the grant of a further sum of £50,000 to the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation for the repair of storm-damaged property in the Corporate Area.

1960: Minister of Health Dr Ivan Lloyd congratulates the people of St Ann for having the island’s healthiest parish. Dr Lloyd pays his tribute during his speech at the opening of the Brown’s Town Health Centre.

1982: A new institution is to be named Technicorp, which will monitor technological advances abroad and determine their relevance to Jamaica and recommend ways of integrating technology into the local mainstream. Edward Seaga announced this in Ocho Rios.


1990: All those suffering from substance addiction problems are invited to the join Jamaica’s first rehabilitation centre, which will open at 25 Wiltshire Avenue, Barbican, St Andrew. The freeman project is officially open by members of the Addiction Alert Organisation and provides a two-phase detoxification and rehabilitation programme in an organised, structured way.

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