1964: Minister of trade and industry, Hon Robert Lightbourne, announces a triple development project, involving initially about £1.5 million of investment and designed to provide the island with a major food-producing and processing operation.

1967: Sir Clifford Campbell, Jamaica’s governor general, states that Jamaica wants German investors to build hotels and houses to meet its growing influx of European tourists.


1975: A Bill seeking to amend the Constitution of Jamaica is taken through its preliminary stages in the House of Representatives and referred to the select committee, which is currently examining the provisions of the Constitution.

1978: Supervisory staff manned the air-traffic control towers of the island’s two international airports following stepped-up industrial action by rank-and-file air-traffic controllers. Deputy Director of Civil Aviation John Blair told The Gleaner, however, that despite the skeleton supervisory staff, flights into and out of Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, and Donald Sangster in Montego Bay, were not affected.

1979: Prime Minister Michael Manley met Patriotic Front leaders Joshua N’Komo and Robert Mugabe in London in a flurry of diplomatic briefings on the current constitutional talks on the future of Zimbabwe and Rhodesia.

1986: Changes are made to the management and organisation of the Jamaica Telephone Company, consequent on its takeover by Continental Telephone Corporation of the United States, following a meeting of the directors of the company.

1986: Abdul Qadir continues to take his toll of West Indian wickets to clinch Pakistan’s upset victory over the Windies by 186 runs in the first of three Test matches.

1988: There is a new twist to Prime Minister Edward Seaga’s denial that the Bipartisan Committee, which drafted the political peace accord, had suggested that he and Michael Manley, leader of the PNP, meet to discuss the Government’s $12-million allocation for emergency hurricane-relief work.

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