1949: Government will soon be in possession of the £100,000 programme of works prepared by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation. A special meeting of the council approved the plan.

1954: Long-range development and transformation of the port of Kingston and establishment of a Free Port in the new wharf area is forecast in a paper presented to the House of Representatives.

1955: Application is to be made to the secretary of state for the colonies for a free grant of £33,750 from CD & W funds to meet a part of the cost of subsiding fertilisers to be supplied to farmers participating in the farm-development programme.

1968: District midwives who are part-time workers will become full-time employees and their salaries will be revised from £350 to £600 per annum, bringing them in line with the comparable category in the Central Government Service.

1973: The 1973 annual conference of the Caribbean Cane Farmers Association will be officially opened by Dr Eric Wiliams, prime minister of Trinidad, in Port of Spain on October 29. The conference will last until November 2.

1977:  Periodic power blackouts hit scattered sections of the Corporate Area as the JPS strike continues, but with hopes of a settlement appearing closer after unilateral talks at the Sheraton Kingston Hotel.

1977: The Economic Council recommends that the Banana Board be closed down and replaced by an agency to produce bananas on government lands for export and an exporting agency to buy bananas at port and market them.

1988: Michael Manley, president of the People’s National Party, says he plans to protest if the Government refuses to allocate its “fair share” of the $12 million earmarked as part of the island’s hurricane rehabilitation programme.


1990: As of next Monday, overseas and intra-island travelers will see a decrease in the cost of airline tickets. As the Jamaican dollar fluctuated against its US counterpart at the start of the foreign-exchange deregulation programme, the airline industry took the decision to calculate the cost of tickets at a fixed rate of J$8.62 to US$1. This was done to avoid what some airlines said was the difficulty involved in calculating the cost of tickets on a daily basis.

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