1961: The Colonial Office announces that the West Indies is to get £294,345 in British Colonial Development grants. This was the West Indies share of £1614,000 in grants approved in August and September this year under the Colonial Development and Welfare Act.

1964: The British Sugar Board, in its annual report, issues a warm tribute to the Commonwealth sugar producers.

1969: Enumeration of voters throughout the island starts as some 4,000 enumerators, accompanied by party scrutineers, began the house-to-house fieldwork. The enumeration period is expected to last five weeks in the 53 constituencies into which the island is divided.

1971: Courses leading to the degree of bachelor of arts in theology are now being offered at the United Theological College of the West Indies, Mona. The new theological degree is to be awarded by the Faculty of Arts of the University of the West Indies.

1976: Publication of the final voters for 1976, by the Chief Electoral Office begins, with the dispatch of copies to members of parliament and caretakers of constituencies of the two major political parties, to the headquarters of the political parties and to householders.

1976: Reaction to the Order of the Minister of Marketing and Commerce on a 4¢ imperial-gallon increase on diesel oil varied between resentment and resignation.

1981: Jamaica has received a further loan of four million Deutsche marks (about J$3 million) from the West German government to assist the country in its economic-recovery programme. The latest assistance brings to nearly 50 million Deutsche marks the amount of financial aid extended to Jamaica by the Federal Republic.


1990: Metropolitan Parks and Markets, through its public-cleansing inspectors, market managers and park inspectors, will become more vigilant in fining offenders under the Anti-Litter Act.

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