1954: Two scholarships are awarded to Jamaica by the Dominican Republic for study at the College of St Thomas of Aquinas in the Republic. A similar scholarship is awarded to a student from British Honduras. All three scholarships have been won from St George’s College.


1960: The Jamaica Referees’ Association, ruling body of refereeing in the island, staged a protest walkout on all league and Manning Cup football games. Members of the association state that unless the Jamaica Football Association assures them proper protection from the hostile crowds, they will not continue handling games.

1960: Wills O. Isaacs, minister of trade and industry, issues a warning that the Jamaica Telephone Co may be replaced by “one of the largest and most efficient telephones companies” in the world.

1976: Singer Jimmy Cliff and his 15-man entertainment troupe, on their way to the French island of Guadeloupe for a 10-day reggae session, came back to the Norman Manley Airport today after their chartered twin-engine DC3 aircraft developed engine trouble about 150 miles to the east of Jamaica.

1980: The Jamaica Labour Party states that it had called on the commissioner of police and the chief of staff of the Jamaica Defence Force to place seven high-ranking Cuban officials who arrived in the island under close surveillance.

1980: Foreigners convicted here of breaching the Dangerous Drugs Act or the Customs Act in relation to illegal drugs will be banned from entering the country. Minister of National Security Errol Anderson has directed the commissioner of police to begin to provide him with lists of foreigners who are convicted of drug offences.

1985: The Jamaican dollar drops 13 cents against the United States dollar to record a clearing rate of J$6.40 in the 15th consecutive decline in the exchange rate at the Bank of Jamaica auction.


1990: Oil prices soared past the US$38 (J$285) mark and flirted with US$40 (J$300) for yet another record on the futures market amid fears that war is imminent in the Persian Gulf.

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