1940: Copies of the book, Trials and Triumphs of Marcus Garvey by Len S. Nembhard are off the press and are available at the editorial office of The Gleaner and at all leading book stores at two shillings sixpence each.

1947: Today is election day throughout the 14 parishes of the island. Thousands of electors go to the polls and for the first time in the history of the colony to select their representatives to the municipal and parochial boards on the basis of universal adult suffrage. It will be the first time in eight years that a general election has taken place for these boards.


1950: The Daily Gleaner today opens a fund for the “neediest” cases among those who have suffered personal loss during the recent flood rains. Acting Governor MacGillivray sends an opening contribution and The Gleaner is appealing to all organisations, firms and individuals throughout the country to send at least one donation to this urgent fund.

1953: Three arrests have been made in connection with the mailbag robbery, involving the sum of £7,700 belonging to the Bank of Nova Scotia. Those arrested are D.A. Waugh, 19, and D. Waugh, 23, both mail van baggage men. With them is E. Baker, a messenger at the post office in Christiana.

1956: The Ministry of Agriculture asks the Jamaica Agricultural Society to accept responsibility for the establishment and operation of a marketing intelligence service in connection with the disposal of locally consumed goods.

1959: The Gleaner reports that the commission agency of C.P. Stephenson Ltd, Orange Street, Kingston, has been sold to Lascelles deMercado & Co Ltd. This is the second large commission business to change ownership within recent months. The other is Cecil B. Facey Ltd, controlling interest of which was acquired recently by the House of Seagram.

1963: A proposal for the building of a deep seaport at Montego Bay is made to the Government by the American Development Corporation, but the Jamaican Government has described the proposals as “unacceptable”.

1967: A draft of the parking and parking meter rules for 1967 is presented by the Kingston and St Andrew Commission commissioners, Eustace Bird and Milton Rodriques at a traffic session . The draft is to put before the minister of local government, Leopold Lynch, for his approval.


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