1946: Executives and members of the Jamaica Debating and Literary Society are working strenuously to build up what will be known as a cultural and educational forum for the people.

1957: The sharp division “in views and outlook” between the Government and the National Workers Union (NWU) is referred to by Thossy Kelly, NWU president, in his address to the fifth annual conference of the union at the Success Club, which was attended by nearly 300 delegates.

1965: Jamaica gains entry into the Swedish market with a sale of 12,000 liquid gallons of rum. This represents the first export of this product to Sweden and is seen as the opening of a new outlet.

1965: The British paperback publishers Penguin Books Ltd are applying their extensive knowledge of low-cost book production to an exciting venture to produce primary-school textbooks for the Caribbean. The series will be known as Hummingbird Book.

1966: Edward Seaga, minister of development and welfare, announces that physical work has already started on the government’s plan for a massive urban renewal of downtown Kingston, expected to involve the expenditure of upward of £66 million over the next decade.

1977: The Jamaica Airline Pilots’ Association is taking a decision to support the proposed 48-hour strike of pilots worldwide to dramatise demands for international action against air piracy.

1979: Prime Minister Manley states that the Government is “quite prepared” to hold separate referenda on all the issues which become the subject of agreement with the Opposition, and which having been duly passed in Parliament need to be put to a referendum.


1992: The Jamaica Telephone Company will, as of today, be barring incoming collect telephone calls from North America to two local exchange areas – Central with numbers beginning with 923, 924, 967, and West with numbers beginning with 923. A statement by the company said that this move is the result of an increase in illegal activities involving incoming international calls. 

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