1953: A Brazilian International Airline DC-4 airliner makes an emergency landing at Palisadoes Airport. It had developed an oil leak in one of its port engines while on a flight from Miami to La Guaira, Venezuela. After repairs are affected at the airport, the plane leaves for Venezuela with its 38 passengers onboard.


1957: Five minutes from the close, centre forward Percival Richards scores from left winger Owen Parker’s corner kick to gain a 2-2 draw for the visiting YMCA team to take victory, seemingly from within the grasp of the Worcestershire Regiment, in the Senior League soccer fixture at Up Park Camp.

1958: While uncertainty prevails in the Corporate Area concerning the winner of the first prize in the Knutsford Sweep, Sydonia John Gallimore, a 50-year-old whitehaired Jamaica Government railway brakeman, hears the news of his good fortune. As he arrives in Montego Bay and is interviewed, he states that he took the news calmly. He further says that his small fortune of £12,500 would be well spent.

1959: The action of Government in
setting up a parliamentary committee for the purpose of investigating election malpractices in the island receives strong support in the Legislative Council, as the council passes a bill to amend the Legislative Council and the House of Representatives (Powe
r and Privileges) Law. The amendment to the law is made in order to facilitate the committee in its investigations by empowering them to examine electoral documents in the possession of the chief electoral officer.

1969: The Government of Jamaica and the United States (US) conclude an Air Transport Agreement which allows for the expansion of commercial air services between the two countries, and also provides a basis for the continuation of existing arrangements. Under the agreement, the Jamaica Government may authorise Jamaica Airlines to provide non-stop air service from Jamaica to five US cities, namely New York, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit.

1975: A redevelopment plan for the Port Antonio area is being studied by the Government’s town planning department. Negotiations are already underway for the acquisition of the Anchovy property for the expansion of the town.


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