1950: In Montreal, a sea-air agreement offering alternative routing by ship or plane for travellers to Bermuda and the West Indies is signed by the Canadian National (West Indies) Steamships and TransCanada Airlines. The new agreement will permit passengers from any point in Canada and the United States served by the two carriers to travel to The Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad by sea or ear and return by alternative transportation service.

1954: Decision has been taken by the Government to set up a board of inquiry, under the Trade Disputes (Arbitration and Enquiry) law, into the dispute between the BITU and the Jamaica Telephone Company Ltd, as a result of which maintenance workers of the company are now on strike.

1960: Workers at the General Post Office on King Street and district post offices in the Corporate Area who went off their jobs resume today.

1964: A thorough reorganisation of its marketing and shipping operations is being undertaken by Elders and Fyffes, the larger of the two firms shipping and marketing Jamaican bananas in the United Kingdom. The reorganisation is now in the early stages of implementation.

1966: Acting Prime Minster and Minister of External Affairs Donald Sangster announces in the House of Representatives that Jamaica’s territorial waters are to be extended from the present three-mile limit to a 12-mile limit.

1966: The Prime Minister, Donald Sangster, in a hard-hitting speech in the House of Representatives, declares categorically that “all the violence – all the activities in Western Kingston – has stemmed from a desire to remove the incumbent member of Western Kingston, not by peaceful ballot, but by violence”.

1978: Legislation to counter illegal transactions and export of Jamaican currency is given first reading in the House of Representatives. Under a bill seeking to amend the Bank of Jamaica Act, the minister of finance will be given power to declare by gazetted order that specified notes and coins of Jamaican currency shall cease
to be legal tender after the expiration of a 14-day period of notice.

1989: Dr Headley Brown, the governor of the Bank of Jamaica, who was fired after the PNP won the general election in February, is being paid nearly $1 million in settlement by Government.

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