1932: One hundred and ninety gallons of rum are missing from Barnett sugar estate factory, the property of F.M. Kerr Jarrett. Some mystery surrounds the loss and close investigations are being made so as to account for it.


1942:  Alexander Bustamante, Labour leader and president general of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, is being found guilty for two breaches of the Trades Union Amendment Law. His is on trial before R. D. R. Hill in the Kingston Resident Magistrate’s Court.

1945: Work begins on the laying down of permanent landing lights along the Palisadoes aerodrome runways.

1945: Electrical engineer of Pan-American Airways declares that Jamaica is the only country using 40-cycle current, 60 cycle was used in America, 50 in Canada and England. He adds that whether Jamaica should change over depends on the market on which the island intended to purchase. If most local supplies came from the USA, it would be cheaper to purchase equipment for 60-cycle installation.

1949: A six-man deputation of the city unemployed call on the Gleaner office to air their grievances, and appeal to those responsible to take immediate action to give them some work. Time and time again, they say they had been given only promises of work and they blame this state of affairs on what they term a fact that politicians were paying more attention to their political campaigns than to the needs of the unemployed.

1947: An epidemic of fever has broken out in the Fort Charles district of southern St Elizabeth and over 30 cases of it are now in the Black River Hospital. There has been only one death so far.

1960: ’Our Lady of the Angels’, the new Roman Catholic Church at the corner of Blandford Avenue and Molynes Road, is blessed and dedicated today. The church was designed and constructed by Leonard I. Chang (Engineers Limited).

1966: A doctor delivers a healthy baby boy at a hospital in Magnolia more thanone hour after its mother died – afeat medical experts considered “impossible”.

1970: Construction on the first pulp paper factory for the island is under way and the contractors hope that a section of the mill will be turning out paper by the end of the year. Owned by West Indies Pulp and Paper Co Ltd, the factory is sited near Free Town in Clarendon.


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