1952: Inquiries are being directed to the Minister for Communication from a British firm in connection with the marketing of Jamaican produce in the United Kingdom. The firm is Hall’s Imports and Exports of London, which is managed by W.D. Hall, a Jamaican resident in the United Kingdom.

1953: The People’s National Party has formally accepted the suggestion by W.A. Bustamante, chief minister, for a joint JLP-PNP committee to be set up to examine the proposals for six new constituencies to
be made in five of the island’s parishes.

1966: The People’s National Party opens its 28th annual conference at the Ward Theatre, focusing attention on the new constituencies to be contested in the next general election.

1975: The PNP swept both parochial by-elections in St Mary, retaining one seat and picking up another on the St Mary Parish Council. Winning candidates are Douglas Clarke, 42, schoolteacher, who won the Islington seat; and Lillieth Peddlar, businesswoman, who won in the Hampstead division.

1975: Jamaica is now an affiliate of the Harbour Survey Assistance Programme of the US Department of Defense, a subsidiary of the Naval Oceanographic Office, which assists Latin American countries with harbour surveys.

1987: The Customs Enforcement Division of the Customs and Excise Department issues a warning, that people engaging in the illegal importation of motor-vehicle parts will be prosecuted under the Customs Act.

1990: Insignia of Orders and Awards will be presented to 136 people at a ceremony at King’s House on National Heroes Day, by Governor General Sir Florizel Glasspole. The Order of Merit (OM), the third-highest national honour, will be conferred on two persons, and four individuals will receive the Order of Jamaica (OJ), the fourth-highest national honour.

1991: Opposition has come in to protest plans by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) across the Corporate Area and major towns. The Jamaica Chamber Commerce will be asking the Opposition JLP not to persist with the protests.

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