1950: The new Montego Bay Hospital will be erected on Cornwall College lands, instead of Catherine Hall Estate as originally proposed, and in a message to the House of Representatives, the Executive Council has stated that the secretary of State for the colonies will be informed that the grant of £7,875 towards three quarters of the cost of acquiring the Catherine Hall site will no longer be required.

1964: The JIDC announces that the first shipment of Jamaica-made telephone equipment will leave Kingston for the Colon Free Zone, Panama.

1979: Confined for a painfully long time in soccer’s barren field, where goal scoring is a lost art, Jamaica College suddenly unshackled themselves with style at the National Stadium to create the second major upset of the season, derailing the powerful Walker Cup champions Tivoli 2-0 and extinguishing any hope the west Kingston team had of being there on the final lap of the 60th competitive Manning Cup season.

1982: The Government of Jamaica, at a cost of US$14 million, following 10 months of negotiations, has acquired West Indies Limited.

1984: An agreement was reached at the Ministry of Labour, ending the 17-day-old strike at Goodyear Jamaica Limited in Morant Bay, St. Thomas.

1988: The Importers and Distributors’ Association of Jamaica states that the supply of basic food items would return to normal within the next four weeks and that hoarding of goods and panic-shopping is creating an unnatural shortage.

1988: Prime Minister Edward Seaga announces the appointment of the accounting firm Pricewaterhouse to undertake an audit of all supplies to Jamaica of emergency and other aid to assist in the rebuilding programme, and to provide relief from suffering caused by the aftermath of Hurricane Gilbert.

1992: Caribbean Community secretary general Edwin Carrington acknowledged that member governments were under outside pressure for a reduction on the community’s Common External Tariff (CET) against third-country imports.

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