1940: Despite the urgent needs of a hurricane-impoverished peasantry – factors, which have increased demands upon funds and energy while at the same time diminishing both – the Jamaica Women’s League is able, at King’s House, to report a steady and successful increase in its general activities throughout the past year.

1948: It was not the first time Jamaica won an international match playing Haiti in the first of three Tests at Sabina Park, but to the 12,000 or so present, it is one of the biggest moments in the history of the colony’s football.

1955: The new buildings of the Manchester Maternity Hospital and Nursing Home are now in use, though the building is not yet been officially open. An addition to the splendid equipment which includes perhaps the finest X-ray for diagnostic purposes in the island, is an iron lung presented by the Kaiser Bauxite Company.

1968: Robert Lake, former director of Blue Mountain Inn Ltd, announces that the Blue Mountain Company has closed the inn as a restaurant. The Blue Mountain Inn is perhaps the most famous eating place in Jamaica. Mr Lake said that at a meeting of the shareholders, it has been decided that the company would be wound up voluntarily and that John D. Liddle had been appointed liquidator.

1972: Some 39 electoral constituencies are to get new returning officers. The services of 22 returning officers are being terminated and 17 have resigned. Minister of Education Florizel Glasspole, under whose portfolio the Electoral Office falls, has promised to give details later on the reasons for the termination of employment.

1977: The Cabinet rejects a trade union demand for a $455 million per annum wage increase for 39,000 government workers and approved, instead, a $10 per week across the board increase that will cost $27.5 million per annum.

1977: Eighteen private secondary high schools will vie for the Addidas Cup and Antillean Knockout Trophy as the 1977 football competition for independent schools kicks off. The competition, organised by the Jamaica Independent Schools Association, is divided into three zones, with six teams in each.

1990: Top leaders from several groupings in the Jamaica Labour Party in St Thomas express support for the two St Thomas members of parliament in the Gang of Five and denounced party leader Edward Seaga’s actions against them as high-handed.

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