1948: Consideration is now being given at high government level to proposals for a change of site for the cement factory, shortly to be erected in Jamaica by the Caribbean Cement Company.

1950: Beef will be distributed in city markets today as follows: Victoria Market, six carcasses; Cross Roads, six; Brown’s Town, 11/2; Forty-two carcasses will be distributed to beef shops and institutions. The distribution is being made because of the dislocation to the beef market caused by the escape in the country of 24 heads of cattle, 15 of which were subsequently recaptured.

1951: The West Indies is all out for 216 runs on the first day of the first Test match against Australia.

1961: The Ministry of Education is currently engaged in the construction of an educational center on about 20 acres of land in the Bumper Hall area of Western Kingston, says a Government release. The project, the first phase of which was started in 1960, is expected to be completely finished by 1963. It is the biggest single educational project so far undertaken by Government.

1964: One-half of the share capital, or 1,000,000 shares of Caribbean Steel Co Ltd, is being offered to the Jamaican public. Of this total, 50,000 shares will be held in reserve for the Development Finance Corporation, which is supplying part of the long-term loan.

1982: Party Leader Michael Manley reiterated the People’s National Party’s call for the dismissal of three ministers of Government in its outline of a nine-point plan which will ease the suffering and hardship the people now experience as a result of the policies of the Government.

1983: Jamaica will benefit from a US$25-million balance of payments loan support from the United States Administration through the United States Agency for International Development.

1984: Declaring his victory “a mission accomplished”, Jamaica’s World Junior Middleweight Boxing champion Michael McCallum arrives at Sangster International Airport to a tumultuous hero’s welcome. Thousands gathered shortly after in Sam Sharpe square to see Jamaica’s first world boxing champion receive the keys to the city in a civic ceremony staged in his honour.

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