1949: Because of the increasing cost of the fuel oil resulting from devaluation, the Jamaica Public Service Company is considering extension of its fuel clause charge to all users of electricity.

1959: St George’s College, Manning Cup champions, in an electrifying second-half surge, scores two goals in seven minutes to explode the myth of Cornwall’s invincibility and wins the first leg of the two-way play-off for the Olivier Shield at Sabina Park. The score was 2-0.

1960: Mr Vernon Wong, a student at the University College of the West Indies, is selected as the Jamaica Rhodes Scholar for 1961.

1961: Over 250 workers employed on the maintenance staff of the Jamaica Omnibus Services Limited’s Industrial Terrace depot strike as a result of the slight alteration in the clocking-in procedure.

1962: The minister of development and welfare, Edward Seaga, announces that the franchise to provide television services in Jamaica will be awarded by the Government to the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation. The minister says he hopes that the station will be ready to start operating on August 1 next year.

1963: Petite Carol Joan Crawford, 20, of Jamaica is tonight crowned ‘Miss World 1963.” She won over 39 other girls from all parts of the world.

1967: A resolution is introduced in the House of Representatives by Mr Norman Manley, QC, leader of the Opposition, asking the Government to set up a commission of enquiry into the resignation of Mr Huntley Munroe from the post of director of public prosecutions.

1968: Jamaica’s stand on the proposed Caribbean Regional Development Bank was restated, firmly and positively, by the prime minister, Hugh Shearer. “The Jamaican position is that unless it can be shown that some other site offers superior advantages for the location of the bank, then we can find no rational reason for locating the bank elsewhere,” says Mr Shearer.

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