1950: Twenty-four head of cattle escape on the way to Balaclava railway station for shipment to Kingston. The Livestock Clearing House states that the penkeeper is making every effort to round them up for shipment tomorrow.

1953: Eric Lonquist, manager of the Canadian International Paper Mills in Three Rivers Canada, and his wife fly in from Miami to spend a holiday at the Myrtle Bank Hotel.


1955: A Montego Bay Yacht Club squadron of six cruisers arrives in the Kingston Harbour for the ‘300 Regatta’ on November 19, 20 and 21. They are commanded by Commodore Bob Buhrer and Vice-Commodore Leslie Fletcher in the latter’s boat Ranger. The cruisers are met at Pigeon Islands by seven boats from the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club.


1961: Sugar workers throughout the Island will begin contributing towards the Sugar Workers Pension Fund as of Monday, November 20. The workers will contribute 21/2 per cent of their wages which will be deducted from their employers and paid into the fund. The Government states that the contributory section of the Sugar Workers Pension Scheme would come into effect at midnight on Sunday, November 19.

1969: The House of Representatives adopts a resolution setting up a committee of the whole House to study and prepare proposals for ways and means to preserve the principle “that the integrity of ministers of government and of members of parliament and other persons holding public office should be clear to the world in appearance and in fact”.

1974: The first legislative step towards the setting up of a national minimum wage is taken when the House of Representatives approves a bill establishing a permanent minimum wage advisory committee to make recommendations on the wage structure to be adopted. Prime Minister Michael Manley pilots the Minimum Wage Amendments Act through the House on behalf of the Minister of Labour the Hon Ernest Peart who is recovering from illness.


1993: Defending Manning Cup champions St George’s College crash to their first defeat of the season at a crucial stage of the 1993 competition at the National Stadium. Arch-rivals Jamaica College, twice losers to St. George’s this season, come from a goal down after four minutes to clip the ‘light blues’ 2-1. Wayne Chin Sue scores the direct free kick from the corner flag to put St George’s ahead. In the 10th minute, captain Andre Virtue scores a penalty to level the scores. Defender Orville Mullings pops up in the second half to get the all-important winner and keeps JC in with a chance of reaching the final.

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