1947: The custos of Kingston, Noel Livingston, will not vote in the mayoral election. Sir Noel has come to the conclusion that, as president of the Legislative Council, he should not exercise his right as custos to vote at the election. This decision is made by him after consultation with certain members of the Legislative Council.

1950: W.A. Bustamante and Rose Leon, Jamaica’s farm worker delegation to Washington, leave the island by plane en route to Washington for talks with President Truman’s Commission on Labour which begins in Washington.

1953: Edwin Allen, BA, minister of the House of Representatives for North Western Clarendon, is appointed minister of education and social welfare in place of Lester Simmonds.

1966: Sir Alexander Bustamante has sent the following telegraph to Errol Barrow, prime minister-designate of Barbados, “Congratulations. Wish your government and your country continued success. Regards.”

1975: The new type of land bonds to be issued by Government will not be used for compulsory acquisition of land under $100,000 in value or under 50 acres, the minister of finance, David Coore, tells the House of Representatives as he opens debate on the Govern-ment’s economic package.

1975: Some 68 forklift operators employed to subcontractors at Kingston Wharves, Newport West, stop working, bringing loading and unloading operations to a standstill.

1979: A warning about what he said is a plan by the PNP Government to call another state of emergency, “in order to hold bogus elections before the new electoral reforms can be put into practice and a new voters’ list provided for free and fair elections”, is issued by Opposition Leader Edward Seaga.

1987: The police islandwide are enforcing several laws which will affect loitering, opening of spirit-licensed premises and, among others, the slaughtering of animals.

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