1956: A goal by centre forward Tony Mackenzie in the 18th minute gives St George’s College, Manning Cup champions, a 1-0 victory over Cornwall College in the first match of the two-leg Olivier Shield final at Sabina Park.

1953: Fifteen Amendments to the 10-point resolution seeking a commission of inquiry into allegations of irregularities in the Hurricane Housing Organisation, since the establishment of the Ministry of Health and Housing, are introduced into the House of Representatives by the Majesty Party as debate on the motion continues.

1959: Norman Manley, premier of Jamaica, declares that the issue of federation will not be put to a referendum of the people, because under the present circumstances this will be a “betrayal of responsibility” by the Government.

1947: Following the operation of quite a number of the White motor buses which arrived in the island a short time ago for the Jamaica Utilities Limited to inaugurate their new set-up, and the decision to make South Parade the terminus, the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation has decided to remove the country buses and motor trucks which generally park at Parade.

1955: A gift of £4,900 is made to the University College of the West Indies by two bauxite companies and their associated interests in the British West Indies to provide additional facilities and amenities for the University College.

1952: Concerns about the large percentage of failures in the recent Jamaica Local Examinations, Lester Simmonds, minister for education and chairman of the Education Authority, sends an invitation to
the executive committee of the Jamaica Union of Teachers to attend a conference this week on the situation.

1962: A 55th-minute goal by the centre forward gave Cornwall College a 1-0 lead over defending Dacosta Cup champion Munro in the first leg of a two-way final at Cornwall grounds, in Montego Bay.

1969: The medical clinics at the Kingston Public Hospital are not operating as a “gesture to bring things to a head”. Even though the clinic won’t run, doctors posted signs in the clinic area reading: ‘No drugs, no dispensers, no clinics’. Patients are given appointments for next week; country patients receive prescriptions: and those who are urgently ill are referred to the Casualty Department.

1972: The Cabinet went into a three-day retreat at the 62-room Flamingo Hotel in Cross Roads under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Michael Manley.

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