1944: As a result of statements made in a certain section of the press concerning the activities of Alexander Bustamante, president of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, regarding finances of the union, the Labour leader sends the following communication to T.H. Mayers, KC, attorney general: “I am compelled to call your attention to the continuous and repeated accusations leveled at me in the Public Opinion newspaper, the mouthpiece of the People’s National Party for the last three weeks, that I have stolen funds from the BITU, of which I am the president.”


1944: Albert Minott is sentenced to six months’ hard labour in the Kingston Resident Magistrate’s Court when he pleads guilty to a charge of larceny of a motor-car rear-light glass and frame.

1952: The Hon William Alexander Bustamante of Jamaica and the Hon H. Grantley Adams, CMG, QCC, of Barbados, are re-elected as commissioners on the British section of the Caribbean Commission. They have both served on the commission since the fourth West Indian Conference in Curaçao. They are re-elected for another two-year term at a meeting of the British West Indian delegates of the fifth conference at the Montego Bay Country Club.

1955: Using free style all the way, Barrington Roper wins the ‘Cross the Harbour’ race from the Old Salt Barge on the Palisadoes to the Bournemouth Club beach, a distance of one and a half miles. His time is 39 minutes 53.4 seconds. Howard Bennett, who is second, collapses from exhaustion at the finish, after a time of 42 minutes 57.2 seconds, and Herbert Wilson is third in 44 minutes 24.0 seconds. Thirty men and three women compete, with Montego Bay’s Gloria Robertson, a telephone operator, repeating her 1954 win in the women’s division. Her time is 67 minutes 34.3 seconds. Ivy Aris and Gloria Kelly trail her. A special prize is given to 57-year-old Herbert Orrett for completing the distance, as he did last year. An account of the race is broadcast live by Radio Jamaica from the harbour master’s launch, ‘Lady Huggins’.


1965: Acting Prime Minister and Minister of External Affairs Donald Sangster sends a message of sympathy to the government of Belgium on the occasion of the death of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium. The cable states that, “On behalf of the Government and people of Jamaica, I would like to extend condolences on the occasion of the death of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium. I very much regret that it will not be possible for this Government to be represented at the funeral. Please accept my assurance of high consideration.”

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