1953: Twenty thousand schoolchildren cheered the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Sabina Park, in a ceremony that brought together the largest mass gathering of children in the history of the island.


1962: Two men were killed and a woman badly injured when a Colombian cargo plane crashed on a hill at Port Henderson. It was the first crash from the new Palisadoes runway. The crash occurred about 3:50 a.m., just three minutes after the plane had taken off from the Palisadoes airport on what was to be a non-stop flight to Colombia.

1979: Angry workers at CMP footwear on Bell Road in Kingston’s Industrial Estate stormed the offices of the firm and held two members of the management captive from mid-morning until late afternoon. The two, R.A. Ainsworth and Jeff Mogg, were released only when CMP group chairman, Winston Mahfood, agreed to hold a meeting with the workers.

1987: The Government announced plans to import 4,000 motor vehicles in the next four months. Minister of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ryan Peralto, said the Government hopes to have constant importation until the “embarrassing and disturbing” shortage is ended.

1990: On the first day since the sudden closure of the Causeway bridge Friday, thousands of commuters found it difficult to get to work and school and had problems getting used to new schedules and routes. Traffic piled up at major junctions on the alternative routes, and even the additional trains put on from Gregory Park, the station in Portmore, could not cope with the demand of those who had decided against the longer bus rides.

2000: Two men pulled off a daring robbery at the Hilton Kingston hotel in New Kingston and escaped with just over $1 million in cash. The police confirmed the robbery and said that the men, dressed as security guards, entered the hotel and made their way to the games room, where one of the men brandished a gun and robbed the cashier of J$987,000 and US$1,500.

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