1955: First legislative action for the setting up of a traffic court in the Corporate Area has been taken. The House of Representatives unanimously passed the bill enabling its establishment. The court, Mr Manley informed the House, will deal with all matters involving traffic offences in the Corporate Area.

1960: The House of Representatives resuming after the Constitution holiday weekend, dealt with a number of customs matters. The most important of these matters, which referred to the importation of containers for manufactured products, the importation of rubber barrels for the Banana Board and paper tops for the packaging of vegetable seedlings, were all passed.

1963: In an impressive, colorful and traditional ceremony the 1st Battalion, the Jamaica Regiment was presented with new colours by the General Sir Gerald Lathbury, GCB, DSO, MBE, ADC, at the parade ground, Up Park Camp. This historic presentation followed minutes after the regiment had dropped the colours with which they had served since 1943.

1966: Western Meat Packers, owners and operators of Jamaica’s principal meat-processing factory at Paradise in Savanna-la-Mar, have volunteered to buy pigs in lots of 30 heads in whatever part of the island these are available, and to provide transportation to collect them.

1967: Passports dating as far back as 1963 are still waiting to be claimed at the Passport Office. The chief passport officer is requesting all persons who applied for passports prior to November 1, 1967 to collect these as early as possible, since they are taking up space and hampering the work of the office.

1974: Mr Edward Seaga, member of parliament for Western Kingston, leads a clean sweep of the top leadership of the Jamaica Labour Party as he is elected leader at the opening session of the 31st Annual Conference in the National Arena.

1983: Prime Minister Edward Seaga announced in the House of Representatives, in his review of the performance of the Government in its third seat in office, that under a new arrangement with the International Monetary Fund the Jamaican dollar has been devalued and placed at a new rate of J$3.15 to the United States dollar. There will be only one rate. A US$180 million standby credit will replace the Extended Fund Facility Agreement, which has been discontinued.

1990: The homeless people who were evicted from their ‘home’ on Peters Lane, downtown Kingston, last week march on Jamaica House to seek audience with the prime minister.

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