1950: Public transportation in the Corporate Area was brought to a standstill for the greater part of the day as operators of the Jamaica Utilities motor buses went on their third strike for the year, shortly after 11:30 a.m.


1950: Approval is given by the House of Representatives for the expenditure of £50,000 to start a government scheme for the industrialisation of Western Kingston. Those portions of the scheme presented to the House called for merely construction of a number of roads on the projected industrial estate, but the entire scheme envisages the erection of several factories to be leased to small industrialists.

1950: The Ministry of Labour announced that it had received another request for 100 men to be employed with the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association. Some of these men will be required to work on the current cane crop. The ministry stated that this order was in addition to a group of 36 workers dispatched for employment in the United States Sugar Producers Association.

1960: A man police are questioning in Mandeville shot and killed a detective corporal, wounded another critically and, after a hectic 55-mile chase over rain-soaked roads in which the gun-man changed cars twice, shot himself in a police roadblock at Duhaney Bridge,


1961: The governor, Sir Kenneth Blackburne, at the historic opening of the new Folk Museum at Spanish Town, paid tribute to the people who had made the restoration of the building possible. Before opening the museum, the governor, who was accompanied by Lady Blackburne and his Lieutenant Richard Carr, said that the plans made by a committee under Sir Howard Foot in 1954 had been postponed because of the conflict that might have been caused by the important appeal for funds for the University College.

1966: A statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands said that a canning factory with a capacity of 11/2 cases of 24 cans each, is to be set up at Yallahs by Associated Enterprises at a cost of £3,000,000. 

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