1912: Several vagrants are brought before the Petty Sessions Court and, in each case, they are sent to the St Catherine District Prison. The batch comprises Simeon Brown, Elisha Williams, Joseph Brown and Charles Brown. They are sentenced to 14 days each.


1945: The Jamaica Government Railway is 100 years old today and the occasion is being marked by a celebration on the grounds of the Railway Sports Club.

1950: The Honourable W. A. Bustamante visits Montego Bay and makes inquiries concerning the incident in which one of the BITU excursionists lost his life.

1952: Work returned to normal on the Kingston waterfront following discussions with portworkers and the Shipping Association by Hugh Shearer of the BITU and Florizel Glasspole, MHR, of the UPWU. However, a new situation was building up yesterday afternoon when Frank Hill of the TUC charged that the Shipping Association was practising victimisation against the 56 port workers registered at the TUC compound.

1955: Two hundred and forty Jamaicans left the island for the United Kingdom. They embarked from Pier No. 1 in a little over two hours.

1967: The Jamaican pound will be devalued in keeping with the devaluation of the sterling and the new parity of US$2.40 will be fixed by order signed by the minister of finance and planning.

1971: A commemorative service will be held at the Kingston Parish Church to mark the occasion of the centenary of the Kingston and St Andrew Fire Brigade. The Reverend Phillip Hart, pastor of the St Andrew Parish Church, will conduct the service.

1972: Police reinforcements from the Mobile Reserve, Harmon Barracks and the Central Police station were rushed to Gordon House to quell a disturbance between bottle- and stone-throwing JLP and PNP supporters.

1984: Veteran journalist Constantine ‘Consie’ Walters died at his home in St Andrew after a prolonged illness. Walters, 65, was director of news at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation and had 45 years’ service in journalism.

1988: The St John’s Ambulance Association and the Brigade launched a project to provide primary health care for the Allman Town area of Kingston. A brief ceremony was held at their offices in Kingston to mark the launching.

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