1939: Flood rains and high winds reaching full gale force in several districts, particularly in the western end of the island, damages buildings, roads and cultivation particularly.

1949: Government in the House of Representatives withdrew the much-criticised Press Bill but threatens that it might be brought back again if the press continues publication of what Government holds to be “ confidential

1955: Sir Alexander Bustamante, leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, accuses the Peoples National Party of announcing the Northeastern Clarendon by-election in the press without informing him of the decision on the holding of the poll.

1959: Failure by farmer’s organisations like the Jamaica Agricultural Society, and by the Government itself, to solve the agricultural marketing problem, says Rudolph Burke, minister without portfolio, is at the root of the fact that there are shortages of domestic crops on the local market.

1966: Minister of Communication and Works N.C. Lewis announces that agreements have been concluded with various international organisations for the purpose of financing the Kingston to Bog Walk and the Moneague to Crescent Park Road Programme, known as the Jamaica Road Project.

1967: The minister of education tells the House of Representatives regulations and a code of conduct is being drafted to aim at banning politics in schools.

1968: The Government is giving thought to the establishment of a Jamaican university to meet the need for skilled personnel, says Minister of Finance and Planning Edward Seaga.

1969: Farmers lose confidence in Government’s agricultural extension officers because many of these officers are not sufficiently trained to be able to instruct farmers, Minister of Rural Land Development W.G McLaren declares at the Golden Head Beach Hotel.

1971: An agreement for the insurance of Canadian investments in Jamaica against certain risks not normally insurable with commercial insurers is being concluded between the Jamaican and Canadian governments.

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