1957: Mr John Stow, chief secretary, will be sworn in as acting governor of Jamaica in the legislative chamber at Headquarters House shortly after Sir Hugh Foot departed from Palisadoes. Colin MacGregor, acting chief justice, will perform the swearing-in. Other acting appointments are John Stewart as chief secretary and F.W. Beckwith as financial secretary, in the absence of E.R. Richardson, who is away in England.


1963: The Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation announces that the final stage of its television transmitter at Spur Tree, Manchester, has been completed and this transmitter, operating on channel 13, is putting out a signal from the new 250-foot tower. The completion of this tower and subsequent erection of the channel 23 antennae has considerably improved the television signal for the areas normally served by this Mandeville transmitter.


1969: Military personnel took over water-supply installations in St James after hydraulics workers of the St James Parish Council reported sick and stayed away from work. Half of Montego Bay was without water after supervisory personnel gave up trying to maintain supplies.


1979: The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce is to celebrate its 200th year of existence by honouring 12 people and eight organisations which have served the community and the chamber or have made outstanding achievement in specific fields relating to commerce. The bicentennial celebration will take the form of a dinner at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston, at which Governor General Florizel Glasspole will be the guest speaker.


1980: Senator Oswald Harding is elected president of the Senate and Mr Talbert Forrest, member of parliament for Western St Mary, elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, at the opening of the new Parliament.

1980: Operations at the Jamaica Development Bank came to a standstill when 161 employees stopped working and charged the bank’s top management with victimising a worker delegate.

1980: A Monymusk touring party of cricketers, table tennis players and domino slammers was beaten at table tennis and cricket in the decisive three-day Test during their recent 10-day tour of Guyana as guests of the Guyana Sugar Corporation Limited. The tour was negotiated by the Sugar Producers Federation of Jamaica, and was fully financed by the fund-raising efforts of the Monymusk tourers and their supporters. 

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