1949: After an all-day sitting at Ramson Hall yesterday, a special synod of the Church of England elected the Reverend Basil Montague Dale, MA, Rector of Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, as bishop of Jamaica. He is 47. He obtained 56 of the clerical votes and 72 of the lay representative votes, out of a total poll of 143 votes.


1955: A 9,600-ton vessel of the Italian line, Sicula Oceanica, paid its first call to Kingston. Under the command of Captain Antonio Paturzo, the ship came alongside No. 1 pier to embark nearly 300 Jamaicans for the United Kingdom


1961:  The strike of subordinate workers employed by the St Catherine Parish Council ended yesterday. Workers who were on strike at the Spanish Town Market, the infirmary and the Roads and Works Department began returning to their jobs. The resumption followed an announcement by the secretary of the St Catherine Parish Council, R.D.G. Lewars, that he recommends that the council take appropriate action against striking workers.


1963:  A Jamaican, Gerald W. Norman, who left the island in 1893 at the age of 11, returned home for the first time in 70 years. Looking quite cheerful on his arrival, Norman said he was overwhelmed with joy to see his country again.


1965: Three Jamaican seamen who survived the sinking of the cruise ship Yarmouth Castle returned to Jamaica by air from Miami. They are Manley Wilson of 6 Red Hills Road, St Andrew, Conrod Wilson of 12 Leaneral Street, Rollington Town, and Fredrick Graham of Orange Lane, Port Antonio, Portland.


1966: Sub-officers and firemen in the Corporate Area started working a new three shift, 56-hour week. Implementation of the new system followed a measure of agreement between the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation commissioners and JALGO at the Ministry of Labour.


1969: A party of policemen, headed by Inspector Felix McLeod, swooped down on a Cessna aircraft at Montego Bay Airport this afternoon as the plane was about to take off for Palm Beach, Florida. Three crocus bags of ganja were seized, and the three American passengers arrested on charges of possession and exporting of ganja. 

1975: An accord on cooperation and exchanges between Jamaica and the neighbouring republic of Cuba, covering several fields of economic and social activities, was formally drawn up and signed by government ministries of both countries at the Sheraton Kingston Hotel. Under the terms of the agreement, Cuba is, among other things, to build and equip a secondary school in Jamaica to accommodate 500 students. Boarding accommodation for students is to be part of the school establishment.

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