1957: The Hon Florizel Glasspole, leader of government takes over his duties as minister of education. After meeting with the ministerial staff, Mr Glasspole says that it was not an easy thing to leave a lover of twenty years. The month of November marks the 20th anniversary of his association with the labour movement and industrial relations in Jamaica.

1957: Hon Norman Manley in the House of Representative announces that the Government will accept claims for compensation from individuals who were injured or lost their property in the railway disaster at Kendal on September 1.

1960: Following her election as chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party yesterday, Madame Rose Leon is happy and delighted as she opens the public session of the party’s annual conference at the Ward Theatre in Kingston. Joy, however, turns to sorrow when a letter is received from the party’s leader. She invites delegates to sing, Oh God Our Help In Ages Past, and then sobs as she announces that the conference has been cancelled by Alexander Bustamante. Later in the day Bustamante issues a statement in which he says he will not work with D.C. Tavares who was elected third deputy leader yesterday. “He has got to go,’ Bustamante says of Tavares.


1967: Seymour W. Brown, head of the firm S.W. Brown, consultant engineer of New York City leaves Jamaica for home after four days here for consultations with the managing director of the Gleaner Company Limited and the architect for the new Gleaner building, Harold Howell. Mr Brown is a consultant to the Gleaner in connection with the air conditioning, lighting and other process work for the new building.

1967: The governor general, on the advice of the leader of the opposition, Norman Manley, QC, appoints 32-year-old Percival James Patterson as senator to replace Vivian Blake.


1979: Dr Percival Broderick, leader of opposition business is ordered to leave the sitting of the House of Representatives during a flare-up in crosstalk between both sides of the chamber. His departure triggers a walkout by the opposition. Speaker of the House, the Hon Ripton MacPherson promptly suspends Dr Broderick when he shouts across to Government backbencher, Mr Ferdie Neita. Dr Broderick’s comment was, “man, shut you behind ... You can talk about my leader like that?”


1988: Wanderers Football Club of St Catherine scores a 2-0 win over St George’s United of Portland in their Craven ‘A’ National Premier League match at Lynch Park in Buff Bay.

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