1953: Another allegation of graft is made in the House of Representatives by Edwin Allen, Minister of Education and Social Welfare, in a report and a motion which he moved in the house.


1954: Praise of the Government for providing “an excellent piece of legislation” in connection with the new Tourist Board is given in the Legislative Council when the Bill providing for the establishment of the Board is passed without opposition.


1963: The Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister appoints Dr. Ronald Irvine, of the University of the West Indies to be a member of the Senate with immediate effect consequent on the resignation of Mr. Sydney Phillips.


1966: Two hundred soldiers of the Jamaica Defence Force leaves for Britain. They are being replaced by 200 men from the Staffordshire Regiment of Britain, who will stay in Jamaica for about a month on the Calypso Hop 2 exchange programme.


1967: The Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Norman Manley, Q.C., tells the 29th annual conference of the People’s National Party at Excelsior School that “there are people who are profoundly disturbed at the trends and tendencies to undermine and destroy the work of the Parliament which is the basis of decent Government in this country.”


1972: The Leader of the People’s National Party, Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica, declares “ war to the death” on gunmanship.


1980: Seven More Ministers Of State are appointed as the JLP Government continues the process of putting together the new administration.


1984: Guarded optimism on the bauxite and aluminium industries is expressed by Alcan Company executives at a media luncheon hosted by the company at the Terra Nova Hotel.

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