1953: Chief Minister Alexander Bustamante and Minister of Finance Donald Sangster defer a bill to authorise the raising of £5 million on the local market in the House of Representatives, after Leader of the Opposition Norman Manley, QC, walked out of the House accusing the Government bench of “stubbornness”.


1954: Banana growers will continue to get the present price of nine shillings a bunch, in spite of the fact that the price per ton for bananas is falling by £10 on the United Kingdom market. The situation on that
market is uncertain and will have to be carefully watched.

1954: Nominated members of the Legislative Council succeed in effecting an amendment to the Trade Control Bill, declared to be an immediately necessary Bill by the Government during the most closely fought battle between the Government and the nominated members yet recorded in the council.


1957: Jamaica’s new status – ‘full internal self-government under a council of ministers’ – begins formally as the 1957 Constitution Order in Council is read at 13 centres throughout the island at 9 o’clock in the morning.


1957: Governor Muñoz Marin of Puerto Rico expresses to Sir Hugh Foot, governor of Jamaica, his regret at his leaving the Caribbean, and best wishes for success in his new task.


1960: The Revision of the 1941 Bases Agreement between Britain, the United States and the West Indies will now take place, as far as the West Indies is concerned, from a position of dignity and self-respect and strength, says Norman Manley, premier, at the Palisadoes Airport as he landed from a BOAC airplane from London.


1965: Jamaica co-sponsors, with 47 other nations in the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations, a resolution condemning the government of Southern Rhodesia for its unilateral declaration of independence.


1979: Cornwall Regional Hospital reopens on a phased basis following a two-month closure. The 400-bed hospital closed after fire damaged equipment and fixtures and the patients had to be transferred to hospitals in Falmouth, Lucea and Savanna-la-Mar.

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