1948: Cigarettes, beer and rum go up in price; whisky, gin and brandy follow soon as the Government takes an “immediate step” to deal with the island’s “serious” financial position by imposing additional taxation to reduce this year’s deficit in the public purse estimated at £1,200,000.

1958: The Kingston Ice Making Company is notifying its shareholders that its 34 Harbour Street factory which represents an investment of approximately £80,000 may have to be permanently closed if the government-owned Jamaica Ice Company Limited puts into effect plans for a 100-ton a day expansion.

1956: St George’s College win the Olivier Shield. The Manning Cup champions are held to a 1-1 draw by Cornwall College, the dacosta Cup winners, at Cornwall, but took the Shield in the two-leg final on a basis of higher goal aggregate, having won the first match 1-0 in Kingston.


1962: Defending champions Jamaica College take a 3-2 lead in the race for the 1962 Olivier Shield championship, as the scores show they had to fight to beat dacosta Cup champions Munro College before 18, 000 spectators who paid just under £2,000 to watch the schoolboys battle for the island title.


1964: The body of Marcus Garvey arrives from London for reburial here in a cemetery for national heroes.


1969: The KSAC receives approval from the Ministry of Local Government mayor, Councillor Eric Bell, for a grant of $150,000 for the annual Christmas work programme.

1971: Statements on the matter of duplication of registration in the current voters’ list are made by the Minister of Home Affairs, Roy McNeil, and the leader of the Opposition, Mr Michael Manley.

1971: The minister of finance and planning, Edward Seaga announces Jamaica’s newest commercial bank, the Royal Bank of Jamaica Limited, is officially launched.

1971: Minister of Public Utilities and Housing Wilton Hill presents a debate on the housing estimates, which took place in the House of Representatives, and ended in approval being given to the estimates.

1980: The general secretary of the People’s National Party and member of parliament for East Central St Andrew, Donald K. Duncan, is arrested by police on a warrant charging him with illegal possession of a firearm.

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